Mark Joggerst

Composer and managing director Mark Joggerst

Mark Joggerst studied piano at the music conservatory in Cologne and arrangement, composition and conducting at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston. After he has returned from the US he founder the Neon Media Productions GmbH in the year 2000. Since then he composes and produces music for film and TV commercials.

As a keyboarder and conductor he was working for Queen´s rock musical “We Will Rock You”

As an orchestra arranger he works regularly for pop and jazz artists like Jason Mraz, Monica Mancini, Joe Pesci, Jimmy Scott.

Music tells the story behind the picture – Neon Media Productions GmbH

Sometimes it´s a small musical gesture, sometimes the big soundtrack.

To tell a story you have to feel what´s going on behind the face of a character. Music tells the things the eyes can´t see.

The Neon Media Productions GmbH was founded in 2000. Since then we are working every day to make pictures sound.

Neon Media Productions Arrangements

Muvi records

Muvi Records. This is our CD Label. Here you find our latest releases:



Visions and Dreams

Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst
Release: 2015



Mother Earth

Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst
Release: 2013



Remember Who You Are

Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst

Release: 2009